Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prince Harry and the Porta Potty?

Ever since Prince Harry appeared with Matt Lauer on The Today Show (NBC), we have received many calls about why Prince Harry is using a porta-potty. It seems that in the dead center of the camera's view near the polo field a green porta-potty is getting plenty of TV time.

At the Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic, a charity event Prince Harry competed in New York Prince Harry was not fortunate enough to have a regal portable restroom experience. However, rest assured that Royal Restrooms has taken steps to ensure that the next state side royal visit will include a restroom fit for a royal.


Anonymous said...

No kidding right? Who was in charge of the sanitation solutions for that event?

Simpleton Manhattan Porta Potty...hmmpphhhhhh, I think not.

diamond said...

wow! let's give it a royal flush... that situation just tells us that we must enhance or develop more our portable toilets available see... not only ordinary people are using the stuff but also the monarchs... good thing that has already innovated their portable toilets...
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