Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fourth of July

Summer brings outdoor parties, barbecues and fireworks! The Fourth of July is the quintessential All-American party! And while we eat our watermelon, corn on the cob and ribs, not many of us are thinking about our bathrooms.

Thankfully, Royal Restrooms is. “We started out providing luxury restrooms for events…weddings and parties at outdoor venues. Now we specialize in any instance when a person needs a clean, comfortable place for their guests to use the restroom. During natural disasters, such as a hurricane or another type of natural disaster,” Sauers says with a smirk.

He is referring to an emergency call last year on the third of July. Little Avery, age 3, had flushed a My Little Pony down the toilet of her one bathroom beach house hours before the families Fourth of July festivities were to begin. Avery's father knew there was water coming out of the toilet but it wasn't until four days later that the culprit pink pony was found.

"All I knew was that my wife was screaming about the carpet, the guests and the food! I turned the water off to the bathroom and plunged and plunged. We knew there was a problem and we needed a quick fix," Avery's dad relays with a quiet chuckle.

“Avery’s parents were more than pleased to see us pulling into their driveway! Party was saved and so was little Avery’s future collage fund. All was forgiven and the party went on without a hiccup.” David Sauers and his crew brought a Royal Restroom unit to the small beach front home. It was a one stall restroom that was able to fit into the very small back yard. "The Royal Restroom fit between the house and the beach. Their guests were able to stay closer to the party and the view of the fireworks was unobstructed."

Royal Restrooms is proud of the crisis they have helped to advert, on our nation's birthday or any other occasion. To secure your Royal Restroom, contact the Savannah office at (912)234-6800 or to find an office near you nationwide, call 1800-969-7434.

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