Friday, January 25, 2008

Sea Turtle Center

Because Robert and I created this company based on the needs of our families-clean outdoor bathrooms, we have always felt the need to give back to organzations and causes that are close to our heart and our families.

One of those is the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island. It reopened in June 2007 to provide state-of-the-art care for sea turtles. Only one out of every 4,000 sea turtles born reaches adult hood.

We were honored to be a part of the party at the grand opening.

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CC Sauers in January 2005
My little Doodlebug

Everyone always asks how we got into this business. That is a very good questions and the answer is very simple. Stella and CC Sauers. These two little girls are the reason I do most of what it is that I do.

We like to attend "stuff" by ourselves, just Daddy and the girls. While CC was a baby, Stella was potty training and it was not fun to hold CC, try to help Stella hover over the toilet, keep her from touching anything, keep myself from laughing at how ridiculous we all looked!

So Robert, my partner in business and I, put our heads together and came up with the solution, Royal Restrooms. And the rest is history!

The restrooms we created came from scratch out of my head, tested in the field, and perfected by our "Royal Restrooms family". We have worked hard to come up with what works best for us, and hopefully, you. This is not a big corporate machine calling all the shots but a group of people working together to fix a problem that we saw.

We hope you enjoy our Royal Restrooms.


First Blog Entry

We are very excited to have a new blog. We hope that we are able to show you wonderful events that we are able to be a part of over time.

The following is coverage of Larry Page's wedding, the co-founder of Google. While it was on a Caribbean island, Royal Restrooms was able to provide a restroom for the event.

The wedding of Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, on Sir Richard Branson's luxury Caribbean island has generated a swirl of excitement despite attempts to keep the nuptials private.

Up to 600 people were expected to witness Page tie the knot with doctoral student Lucy Southworth on Necker Island, Branson's 74-acre British Virgin Islands hideaway.

The Virgin boss's involvement reportedly even stretched to performing the best man's duties for his fellow billionaire.

Page had been labelled one of the world's most eligible bachelors, with a fortune estimated at $18.5bn (£9.1bn). Attempts to keep details of the bash under wraps were not wholly successful, with various US newspapers and blogs reporting details from the exclusive gathering.

Technology blog Valleywag claimed that the wedding, which was scheduled for Saturday, was delayed a day after a tropical storm shook up the carefully laid plans.

Google declined to confirm whether or not its president of products had followed Sergey Brin into matrimonial bliss. A UK spokeswoman said the search giant would have "no idea" about Page's personal life.

A quick search of Google yields plenty of information about the event, however.

Necker Island, for examples, costs upwards of $46,000 (£22,500) a night to rent. The guests were booked into the nearby island of Virgin Gorda, with wedding planners reportedly booking every available hotel room six months ago.

Lucy Southworth was first identified as Page's girlfriend in early 2006. She is studying for a doctorate in biomedical informatics at Stanford University and holds an MSc from Oxford. Page stopped working on his own Stanford PhD in computer science in 1998 to develop Google instead.

The prestigious guest list apparently included the Clintons, along with Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonny Depp.

But Hillary Clinton was in Iowa campaigning for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, while husband Bill worked the crowds in South Carolina. Former Vice President Al Gore was also invited, but he was in Oslo to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Valleywag's in-depth coverage of the event even ran to identifying Page's choice of portable lavatory. Royal Restrooms, it said, were contracted to provide their "regal portable restroom experience".

Royal Restrooms says its mobile units are designed to provide disaster relief – ideal if Saturday's tropical storm caused widespread disruption on Necker.

Brin married Anne Wojcicki in May this year, in a low-profile ceremony in the Bahamas.