Monday, June 1, 2009


The economic downturn has been a boon for the most unusual businesses, even as traditional business models continue to get lashed by reduced consumer spending.

According to David E. Sauers, Jr., President and CEO of nationwide portable restroom franchise Royal Restrooms, his business has seen growth as the economy continues to slide.

But why? Sauers explains that event and festival organizers across the country, facing lower revenues this year, are desperate to find new ways of keeping guests longer.

"They need to find ways to keep their patrons who do attend the events to keep them longer, therefore spending more money. A clean, safe and well-lit restroom is one way to keep guests at an event," Sauers says.

"Whatever you do," he adds, "don't call us a porta potty; our business is complex and our product is infinitely more luxurious than the crude porta potties of the past."

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