Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hurricane Season

Every year our Royal Restrooms family prepares all year for hurricane season. All year long. Royal Restrooms have been contracted to go to festivals, weddings, backyard barbeques and other happy occasions but we also have experienced fires, floods, hurricanes, ice storms, blizzards, tornadoes, and tragic industrial disasters. We have learned the basics of our disaster response standards from what we have learned from being on site at hurricanes, our first being Katrina.

Because we are on retainer for corporations, city and county governments, many times we arrive on the site of a natural or man-made disaster even before the clean up crews arrive. Police, emergency management crews and medical personal are grateful to have us there to provide a clean place to wash their faces and use the restroom or to take a shower. In one large explosion situation, they were grateful for the air conditioning they could experience before heading back into harms way.

We have learned through experience there is no guaranteed gas so we should plan ahead, to bring drinking water to hand out to those in need, and toys for children who are going through a time no child should ever have to. It is because we have this experience that we are experts in our field and are called upon so often.

We are proud of our service to our community and country and consider what we do in disaster relief service not a business but a duty. If your company or city does not yet have a plan of action in a time of disaster, please feel free to call our office so that we may give you so insight into what we have experienced. We may be able to shed some light onto what you would need to provide for your emergency management workers.

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Outdoor Restrooms said...

Having these nice Restrooms for Hurricanes relief is such big difference in comparison to using nasty latrine porta pots.