Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fireworks for the Fourth...Go for Goodwill

~~~BACK by Popular DEMAND~~~

“IF YOU GOTTA GO...GO FOR GOODWILL”~Goodwill Industries to benefit from Royal Restrooms Sense of Luxury for Necessary Business during 4th of July Fireworks on the River

$2.00 donation for CLEAN & LUXURY RESTROOMS

Savannah, Georgia- Goodwill Industries of the Coastal Empire, Inc. announces a continued partnership with Royal Restrooms for the 4th of July Fireworks on the River. Royal Restrooms will have their upscale restrooms on-site July 4th on Historic River Street from 6pm-10pm. The on-site restrooms will include 2 stall trailers. Individuals wishing to enjoy the comfort of a clean luxurious restroom will make a $2 donation. Proceeds will benefit Goodwill Industries of the Coastal Empire, Inc. The upscale restrooms will be located in the parking lot across from Kevin Barry’s & Fiddlers, the parking lot across from Bayou Café and at Morrell Park; hours of operation will be from 6pm-10pm.

“We appreciate the opportunity to partner again with a premier company such as Royal Restrooms that is committed to our community and support Goodwill Industries mission to assist people with disabilities and other barriers to employment to live independently and become employed.” says, Bill Oakley, President/CEO, Goodwill Industries of the Coastal Empire.

“The support of the community is an avenue which allows our company continued growth. We take great pride in our exceptional service by giving back to the community and partnering with outstanding organizations such as Goodwill Industries.” says David Sauers, Co-Owner, Royal Restrooms. Royal Restrooms provides full-service mobile restroom and shower trailer rentals for special events, such as weddings, corporate functions, private parties, sporting venues, festivals, business remodels and fundraisers. All Royal Restrooms’ units have sinks with running water, flushing porcelain toilets, hand soap and premium paper products, stylish décor, and even air conditioning and heat. Their unique design allows for easy mobility and the ability to travel virtually anywhere. Royal Restrooms’ units are manufactured to operate in areas with limited power and water access, but can also run using a regular 110 outlet for power, and a garden hose for water. Royal Restrooms supplies generators and portable fresh water holding tanks if an area is without power and water. For more information about Royal Restrooms, please visit their website at

Goodwill Industries of the Coastal Empire, Inc. provides job training, employment services, job placement opportunities and post employment support to strengthen communities and families by training people to become independent, tax-paying members of society. Those services include ADVANCE, a community re-entry program for people with acquired brain injury. When someone is having a hard time finding a job– either because of a disability, poverty or lack of experience–Goodwill is there to help.

Fourth of July

Summer brings outdoor parties, barbecues and fireworks! The Fourth of July is the quintessential All-American party! And while we eat our watermelon, corn on the cob and ribs, not many of us are thinking about our bathrooms.

Thankfully, Royal Restrooms is. “We started out providing luxury restrooms for events…weddings and parties at outdoor venues. Now we specialize in any instance when a person needs a clean, comfortable place for their guests to use the restroom. During natural disasters, such as a hurricane or another type of natural disaster,” Sauers says with a smirk.

He is referring to an emergency call last year on the third of July. Little Avery, age 3, had flushed a My Little Pony down the toilet of her one bathroom beach house hours before the families Fourth of July festivities were to begin. Avery's father knew there was water coming out of the toilet but it wasn't until four days later that the culprit pink pony was found.

"All I knew was that my wife was screaming about the carpet, the guests and the food! I turned the water off to the bathroom and plunged and plunged. We knew there was a problem and we needed a quick fix," Avery's dad relays with a quiet chuckle.

“Avery’s parents were more than pleased to see us pulling into their driveway! Party was saved and so was little Avery’s future collage fund. All was forgiven and the party went on without a hiccup.” David Sauers and his crew brought a Royal Restroom unit to the small beach front home. It was a one stall restroom that was able to fit into the very small back yard. "The Royal Restroom fit between the house and the beach. Their guests were able to stay closer to the party and the view of the fireworks was unobstructed."

Royal Restrooms is proud of the crisis they have helped to advert, on our nation's birthday or any other occasion. To secure your Royal Restroom, contact the Savannah office at (912)234-6800 or to find an office near you nationwide, call 1800-969-7434.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prince Harry and the Porta Potty?

Ever since Prince Harry appeared with Matt Lauer on The Today Show (NBC), we have received many calls about why Prince Harry is using a porta-potty. It seems that in the dead center of the camera's view near the polo field a green porta-potty is getting plenty of TV time.

At the Veuve Clicquot Manhattan Polo Classic, a charity event Prince Harry competed in New York Prince Harry was not fortunate enough to have a regal portable restroom experience. However, rest assured that Royal Restrooms has taken steps to ensure that the next state side royal visit will include a restroom fit for a royal.

Hurricane Season

Every year our Royal Restrooms family prepares all year for hurricane season. All year long. Royal Restrooms have been contracted to go to festivals, weddings, backyard barbeques and other happy occasions but we also have experienced fires, floods, hurricanes, ice storms, blizzards, tornadoes, and tragic industrial disasters. We have learned the basics of our disaster response standards from what we have learned from being on site at hurricanes, our first being Katrina.

Because we are on retainer for corporations, city and county governments, many times we arrive on the site of a natural or man-made disaster even before the clean up crews arrive. Police, emergency management crews and medical personal are grateful to have us there to provide a clean place to wash their faces and use the restroom or to take a shower. In one large explosion situation, they were grateful for the air conditioning they could experience before heading back into harms way.

We have learned through experience there is no guaranteed gas so we should plan ahead, to bring drinking water to hand out to those in need, and toys for children who are going through a time no child should ever have to. It is because we have this experience that we are experts in our field and are called upon so often.

We are proud of our service to our community and country and consider what we do in disaster relief service not a business but a duty. If your company or city does not yet have a plan of action in a time of disaster, please feel free to call our office so that we may give you so insight into what we have experienced. We may be able to shed some light onto what you would need to provide for your emergency management workers.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Today, after so much hard work and personal sacrifice, the little company Robert and I started on a kitchen table in 2004 was featured on CNBC. Because my former occupation was commercial banking, the trill of having our first live national interview on a financial network, was personally very satisfying!

We have chosen to keep our corporate office in Savannah, therefore I flew to New York and was driven to Staten Island by Mark Foster, one of our franchisees. Honestly, you would think that if I knew I was going to be on LIVE television I would be have practiced and been prepared but I had spent the weekend preparing our restrooms for the hurricane season which happens to begin today as well.

With only 11 hours sleep over the past four days, when the director counted down from ten to zero my mind went blank and I am pretty sure I could have been the creator of the Paula Deen show rather than Royal Restrooms but I am very proud of our company and the job all of our staff does on a daily basis.

We may not be experts in the field of live televion, but with over 37,000 restrooms on site at events since our inception, Royal Restrooms are our specialty. More on hurricane season later but for right now, take a look at our first national interview.


The economic downturn has been a boon for the most unusual businesses, even as traditional business models continue to get lashed by reduced consumer spending.

According to David E. Sauers, Jr., President and CEO of nationwide portable restroom franchise Royal Restrooms, his business has seen growth as the economy continues to slide.

But why? Sauers explains that event and festival organizers across the country, facing lower revenues this year, are desperate to find new ways of keeping guests longer.

"They need to find ways to keep their patrons who do attend the events to keep them longer, therefore spending more money. A clean, safe and well-lit restroom is one way to keep guests at an event," Sauers says.

"Whatever you do," he adds, "don't call us a porta potty; our business is complex and our product is infinitely more luxurious than the crude porta potties of the past."

Interview requests should be sent to -- corporate info and press kit available at

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is here. And so is wedding season.

Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts.
-- William Shakespeare

Shakespeare had a romantic idea of love and marriage, however every bride knows the stress of planning the wedding of their dreams.

Once a woman has found the perfect man, the search begins for the perfect dress, perfect cake and perfect wedding location. Whether the ultimate outdoor nuptials are planned or a simple backyard ceremony, the dedicated staff of Royal Restrooms®understands the importance of this once in a life time special day. The company is committed to assisting with your restroom needs with professionalism and total confidence so that that brides and wedding planners may rest assured that guests will be treated to luxury.

An outdoor wedding can be quaint and cozy or the party of the decade or anywhere in between. In any case, bathrooms should not be an afterthought. If the event will be held in a home or small venue, while restrooms may be available, they may not be adequate. If no facilities exist, restrooms must be a priority.

The average person uses the toilet once every three hours. If alcohol and food are abundant wedding fare, usage will increase significantly. As a rule, the average “home” toilet can accommodate 25 guests without causing guests to wait in line. Considering the amount of uses, not guests, is important. Residential areas are equipped with a certain amount of sewage or septic capacity and if a homeowner's land is unincorporated, the septic system might have less capacity.

All restrooms should be designated as either for men and another for women. This will safeguard against embarrassing accidents. The usage for the ladies restrooms is usually higher therefore extra women’s stalls may be needed. Consider any wedding guests in wheelchairs or are otherwise disabled who will need an easily accessible toilet. America Disabilities Act (ADA) restrooms are available which allow for more convenient use.

If a couple has decided on an outdoor wedding in a public place, like a beach or park, the sheer nature of a “public place” can cause a dilemma. Securing restrooms for the exclusive use of wedding guest will ensure a clean, comfortable and private experience.

Consider employing a restroom attendant to ensure the toilet facilities are kept in pristine condition. No matter how pristine the restrooms may arrive at an event, not every guest will use their best manners. An attendant will be able to clean up any spills, wipe counters, freshen the air, and restock toilet tissue. Also, if any issues with the restroom should arise, it can be handled by the attendant with little disruption to the bridal party.

A wedding should be a memorable event but not because of a messy restroom or septic issue. Royal Restrooms is the industry standard for full service portable restrooms. With options for every location and budget, a Royal Restroom is the perfect solution for your perfect day.